AdminToys Suite


Monitor your PC's performance remotely


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AdminToys Suite's main objective is to help you monitor the performance of one or many PCs that are connected on a network, remotely.

Besides, it lets you manage and execute applications remotely, see the desktops, control the free memory on each computer, sync the time between all of them, reset or shut down the computers, and even execute commands and configure the network. You can do all of this remotely.

One of the most interesting and appealing elements about AdminToys Suite is its incredibly simple and easy-to-use interface. All the features are perfectly organized on different tabs and buttons, so accessing them is really easy. There are no complications in accessing each task you need to carry out.

AdminToys Suite is an excellent remote control and monitoring app. It lets you check the performance of a network of computers in a really easy, and above all, fast way.

The trial version has many limitations on the features.

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